ETH Price Assessment and Short Term Prediction | Ethereum Price Drop Causes Bullish Divergence | January 2021 Crypto Potential

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After a tough week and strong selling pressure, ETH dropped $3,600 however a bullish trend appeared, a common signal of the end of a downward trend.

Key Support levels: $3,600, $3,300

Key Resistance levels: $3,740, 4,000 

In the chart of ETH, excluding the flash crash of the 4th, the low was just lower. As of now, the price is hovering just above the $3,740 resistance level.

A large descending wedge (shown in blue) has also formed during the current price action. If ETH drops below the key support level, this bullish formation can quickly be invalidated.

Chart by TradingView

Technical Indicators

Trading Volume: One of the reasons the price made a lower low during the sell-off is the strong volume during the sell-off. It appears that today’s buying pressure is weak and that a break over the wedge (in blue) is unlikely.

RSI: In response, price bounced from $3,600 after the 4-hour RSI entered oversold territory (*30). The RSI fell below its daily low on a daily chart. The trend is bearish.

MACD: A bearish cross on the daily MACD did not bode well for bulls yesterday. One positive is that since November, when the correction began, the histogram has been making higher lows (bullish divergence). The downtrend may end by January if this continues.

Chart by TradingView

Bias Assessment

ETH has a bearish bias. As long as ETH does not make a higher high, the bias will remain bearish.

Short-Term Price Prediction for ETH

The current price action looks quite interesting because if the bullish wedge is confirmed, then ETH should rally sometimes in January, making this correction (from November to January) quite similar to the one we had in May-July 2021. This scenario can be invalidated as soon as the price closes a daily candle below the wedge.

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