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Introducing The People’s Products: RAK WisNode for Smarter Homes and Businesses

Hotspot coverage now extends to 21,616 cities and 142 countries, making Internet of Things (IoT) devices accessible worldwide. Helium Network members and companies using LoRaWAN coverage of the Network are both entitled to these solutions. With solutions for tracking pets, belongings, or loved ones, or for industrial applications such as fleet management, water leak detection, or smart parking, the Network helps people with what they care about most.

Highlighting the vast nature of inspiring use cases is why we first introduced The People’s Products a couple of months back. Since then, we’ve received some amazing submissions from developers and business owners within the ecosystem. In this post, we’re excited to unveil one of the latest IoT offerings from RAKwireless, the first in a series of product highlights.

Say Hello to the WisNode Button 4K ?

Please say hello to the first feature of The People’s Products, the WisNode Button 4K from RAKwireless. RAKwireless is known to many in the Helium community as simply a Hotspot manufacturer, but the company is that and much more. In fact, RAKwireless can be better described as a global market leader in the constantly evolving IoT landscape.

As a leader in the global market, RAKwireless focuses on helping organizations and individuals eliminate connectivity and interoperability barriers through high-performance, energy-efficient solutions. This goal ultimately lowers design complexity and accelerates time-to-market for underserved and emerging markets, including open-source and industrial communities.

Most recently, RAKwireless released the all-new WisNode Button 4K: A compact, wireless IoT button controller that can be installed practically anywhere there is Helium Network coverage. Rechargeability and low-energy requirements mean that the WisNode Button 4K can be deployed for months on a single charge, ready to transmit data at any time. Once the button is pressed, LED lights signal that the action is received by the Helium Network.

How Can You Use It?

The WisNode Button 4K can be utilized for a number of use cases only limited by imagination, from customer feedback in hotels to public facility cleanliness.

Customer Feedback

The WisNode Button 4K allows managers to collect customer feedback related to a particular service, such as experiences within hospitality. For example, hotel Casa Santa Fe in Colombia places the button on their reception desk to elicit guest feedback with just one click instead of spammy survey emails.

Casa Santa Fe uses the WisNode Button 4K at the reception desk

Guaranteed Cleanliness

Ensuring cleanliness in public areas is difficult without instant feedback and real-time monitoring. The WisNode Button 4K does all this and more to provide managers with data when it matters most. For instance, a facility manager may desire increased insight into facility restrooms. Having regular cleanliness checks by staff members takes time away from performing other tasks. However, a WisNode Button 4K within the room may collect instant feedback — ultimately notifying staff when their attendance is really required.

Real-time monitoring to ensure public areas are kept squeaky clean

“Helium makes such simple and easy-to-install solutions even more effortless with the low-power draw required to send data on the Helium Network and the low-cost data transmission.” — Carlos Sandoval, Hotel Manager at Casa Santa Fe

Helium Network + RAK = Easy IoT

The process of setting up the button on the Helium Network is a simple process. Small quantity buyers, for example, can buy a single button a deploy it simply using the provided tool:

  • Connect the WisNode to your computer, and configure it using the RAK serial port tool.
  • Create a device on the Helium Console, input your device details to the WisNode Button 4K.
  • Connect Helium Console with the RAK WisNode Button 4K dashboard and select your favorite IoT data service.
  • Access data such as frequency and timestamp of each button press

The system allows buyers to gain access to data that would have previously have required either an expensive bespoke system or an antiquated system. It also negates the need for extensive monitoring, such as manually collecting and counting responses.

For larger quantity buyers, RAKwireless offers a complete list of EUI and Keys to batch load devices either to Helium Console or private OUI deployments. All WisNode Button 4K’s include a barcode of the EUI which can be scanned at deployment.

Right on tRAK

The WisNode Button 4K is another installation in RAKwireless’ journey to becoming an IoT market leader alongside the Helium Network and other trailblazers in the ecosystem. To learn more, check out the RAKwireless site and get yourself the all-new WisNode Button 4K here.

Have an interesting product on The People’s Network? Submit your use case today for a chance to be featured by Helium and more.

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