Top 5 High Growth Potential Crypto Opportunities in Bearish Market | Mobius, Luna, KOK, KOVAL Prince of Floki Pricing and Profit Analysis

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As investors despair, the bearish streak continues to grip the crypto market. There are some cryptocurrencies that have experienced substantial gains since the start of December, while most have seen significant declines. 

Based on our research, these are the top 5 surging coins of December 2021.

Mobius (MOBI); Price Analysis

Mobius (MOBI), a platform that allows businesses and apps to integrate fast and free mobile payments, has gained 1,000% in value so far in December, while a significant portion of cryptos have experienced double-digit losses.

MOBI’s price has increased from $0.016 to $0.166 since the beginning of December. IMOBI’s price has risen by nearly 370% in the 24 hours leading up to publication, dwarfing the year-to-date gain of Bitcoin.

Terra (LUNA); Price Analysis

Terra (LUNA) needs no introduction for its exploits, as it grabbed the headlines during December’s cryptocurrency plunge. 

The price of LUNA has reached multiple all-time highs while other cryptos have strugTerra is now the 10th largest crypto by market capitalization because of its price rise in a bearish market cap.

LUNA prices jumped by almost $10 between December 4th and December 9th, reaching a high of $76.48 on ThursdaAs of this writing, LUNA is trading at less than $65 a piece, but over the course of the year the coin has gained more than 15,000% in value.

Flux (Flux); Price Analysis

Scalable, decentralized cloud infrastructure Flux was performing the same trend as much of the crypto market, that is until a major listing was announced. Following the announcement of its listing on Binance, the price of FLUX experienced a soar in prices. 

Over the 24 hours prior to writing, FLUX has gained by more than 60%. The price boost was even strong enough to send the price of FLUX as high as $4, before it eventually corrected to its current price of $1.994 at the time of writing.

Price Analysis; Keystone of Opportunity and Knowledge (KOK)

Having an unusual name hasn’t stopped the Keystone of Opportunity & Knowledge (KOK) from becoming one of the best performing cryptos in the final month of 2021. 

Since the beginning of December, KOK, a project with a focus on improving the distorted systems of the traditional digital media content industry, has gained by more than 60% in value.

The steady rise of KOK in December has taken its price from $3.62 to a new all-time high of $5.75. At the time of this writing, KOK is trading at $5.74 and has a $615.8 million market cap. 

  • While there are a handful of cryptos posting gains, the majority of cryptos are drowning in a sea of red. 
  • More than $400 billion of the global crypto market cap has been lost since the start of December.

Price Analysis; Circuits of Value (COVAL) 

Emerging as one of the best-performing cryptos is Circuits of Value (COVAL) – the Ethereum token that powers Emblem, a platform on which users can customize ETH, ERC-20, and NFT tokens into a single, tradable token called a Vault.

Following its listing on Coinbase, COVAL has been on the rise. In the 24 hours prior to writing, COVAL has gained 53% in value, and 612% over the last 7 days.

Price Analysis; Prince Floki V2 (PrinceFloki)

For a long time, meme coins have been the wildcards of the industry, and Prince Floki V2 makes the list as their representative. While many other meme coins are struggling to record notable gains, PrinceFloki is raking them up.

Over the 24 hours prior to writing, PrinceFloki has gained by more than 980% in value, and the The meme coin has gained by an outrageous 52,200% over the last week. 

In a bearish market, these cryptos are showing another side of the coin. At almost any time in the market, there will always be those who are gainers and those who are losers.

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