After Cardano, DISH partners with Helium for 5G Hot Spot Network | Crypto Investors Bullish on HNT Coin

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Helium (CCC:HNT-USD) is a decentralized 5G network that many investors are looking at as a 5G investment. In recent months, the project has made a lot of noise as it provides an innovative, user-connected wireless network. Helium’s prospects look more optimistic than ever now that it has the backing of a major wireless provider. As a result, investors are looking for Helium price predictions to see where the HNT coin may be headed.

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Helium’s product offering combines the blockchain with physical hot spots in an effort to seamlessly connect users to high speed wireless internet. Users can receive and operate these hot spots, and as providers of the network’s wireless connection, they earn HNT coins. In late September, Helium drew even broader attention as it launched its fleet of 5G hot spots. The new product is allowing its users access to the fastest wireless internet connection currently on the market. Since the launch of these hot spots, HNT has seen a 33% upswing.

Likewise, DISH Network (NASDAQ:DISH) is making plenty of noise in the blockchain space recently. In September, the Cardano (CCC:ADA-USD) network announced a partnership with the company. Going forward, the network will be working with DISH on furthering wireless connectivity in blockchain.

Today’s announcement sees a similar partnership being forged, albeit one involving the ultra popular 5G network. DISH is forging another partnership, this time with the Helium network, to support its 5G hot spot network. With Helium currently operating across 240,000 hotspots, and another 500,000 on backorder, the DISH backing will prove to be important for the Helium net.

Helium (HNT) Price Predictions; Dish partnership profitability surge

As Helium comes out with such a major partnership, investors are becoming quite bullish on the HNT coin. The coin is currently up about 13% on the day; trading volume is nearly triple its average, suggesting that investors are massively pouring into the coin. Let’s take a look at some Helium price predictions to see where analysts think HNT will be heading in the future:

  • WalletInvestor is predicting that by October of 2022, HNT will rise to a price of $40.55 from its current $24 value.
  • A more bullish Gov Capital thinks that by October of next year, HNT will rise to a price of $78.32.
  • DigitalCoin forecasts that HNT will finish out 2021 with a $42.33 valuation.

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