Helium (HNT), Cosmos (ATOM) and Holochain (HOT) Coin Price Prediction and Forecast November 2021 | Path to Alt Season 2022

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Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to have run out of steam after achieving new ATHs. As various altcoins sink into double-digit profits and the star crypto procures support of $60,000. The market buoyancy swells across the board. Recently, Helium (HNT), Cosmos (ATOM), and Holo (HOT) have emerged as top gainers by oppressing bearish rule. 

In addition, Santiment, a cryptometric platform, recently announced the growth of the aforementioned altcoins. Analytics platform highlights Helium’s gain of 16 percent, Cosmos’ gain of 15 percent, and Holo’s gain of 18 percent. An analysis of these altcoins’ price targets is provided in this article. 

Price Breakdown: Helium (HNT) November 2021

Helium (HNT) has been an innovative blockchain-powered platform built for IoT utilities. On Tuesday, the prime altcoin has just missed the boat to excel beyond ATH of $26.31. Yet the HNT price has been undergoing a consolidation of around $24.15. As the tussle between buyers and sellers has continued in the 4-hour chart, the next couple of hours could become a decider.

If a significant number of buyers jump in to purchase, then the altcoin could leg up by another 10 to 15% after reclaiming the previous ATH. On the contrary, HNT’s price could dump around $20 if bears take control over the market. 

However, one of the major catalysts for the HNT’s price action has been its recent collaboration with the Dish network. This partnership enables traders to deploy compatible Helium 5g Hotspots on Dish Network in order to earn HNT tokens. 

Price Breakdown: Cosmos (ATOM) November 2021

Cosmos (ATOM) has been a decentralized network that facilitates enhanced interoperability and scalability, is trading with 10% gains in 24 hours. Notably, the network’s trading volume surged by over 300% round the clock. ATOM’s price after approaching close to its previous ATH of $44.70 has been undergoing key correction. In the 4-hour chart, sellers are seen dominating over the buyers. 

At present, the altcoin is trading at $39.50, if the sell-off pressure continues then ATOM could undergo heavy correction until the bottom support of $36.74. Besides, the RSI factor is at 60.8 indicates a healthy consolidation phase. Hence, if a huge number of buyers jump in, in the next couple of hours, then ATOM’s price could register a new ATH of around $47.586. 

Price Breakdown: Cosmos (ATOM) November 2021

Holochain (HOT) is a peer-to-peer network that has created a lot of media buzz in recent days with massive gains. The 4-hour chart highlights hefty green candles indicating a huge surge in the investment rate. Latest developments across the ecosystem have led the price momentum to retest at September highs of $0.0125. As huge buy orders have taken place a couple of hours ago, the altcoin is experiencing a minute correction with decent sell-offs. 

Holochain’s (HOT) price is expected to undergo a correction of around $0.0095. As the RSI factor looks pretty green, the HOT price could beat the September high reaching a high of $0.0135.  

However, Bitcoin dominance has been depreciating since the start of the week indicating cash outflow to other altcoins. Besides, the latest growth in these altcoins market cap further bears witness to the beginning of Altseason.

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