Akenza Platform partners with Helium (HNT) | Build IoT devices with LoRaWAN Network

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The Helium Console Integration team welcomes akenza, winner of the 2021 IoT Breakthrough Award! Askenza’s IoT platform is now integrated with Helium, the world’s largest contiguous wireless network.

Akenza, a self-service IoT platform that allows users to build better IoT products and services, was founded in 2017 to offer fast, easy, and cost-effective IoT solutions. It connects, controls, and manages IoT devices, all in one place. With simple and secure management of smart devices, connectivity, and data, the akenza IoT application enablement platform enables the rapid introduction of innovative solutions.

Akenza’s IoT platform is currently used by a number of companies for custom solutions, including:

Georg Fischer

Digital retrofitting of an existing product to enable remote monitoring capabilities and new cloud services

ISS Switzerland

Various smart applications in the facility management sector whose smart building cases are all supported by the akenza platform

Zurich Insurance

Implementation of several smart building cases for the headquarters of Zurich Insurance, where more than 2,000 sensors were installed to support multiple use cases.

With unprecedented growth — currently more than 260K Hotspots in 145 countries around the world — the Helium Network is enabling use cases such as smart water monitoring, smart city applications, environmental monitoring, smart agriculture, and more, at only a fraction of the cost of cellular*. Akenza’s addition to the Helium ecosystem provides their users with another way to streamline operations and save on costs.

Interested in learning more about how your business might be strengthened by data transfer on the Network? Helium Console provides users with a simple yet powerful tool to accelerate moving data from IoT devices to chosen endpoints via integrations — email sales@helium.com to learn more.

*One sensor sending data every 5 minutes on the Helium Network costs around $1 per year

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